Landman Design


Pricing varies from project to project, but there are some flat rates that we can offer you. KEEP IN MIND, all prices include all labor costs as far as hourly design rates for your logo. We also have other flat rates if you don’t need a design and already have one available.

Our big thing is advertising. We can offer you a customized advertising campaign tailored to your needs. We can design a custom logo for you. Or we can just take your existing logo and fit it to your current needs. Whatever advertising needs you have, we feel that we can help you at Landman Design.



We offer you custom design on 250 business cards. From inception to printing, the price covers everything in the design process. If you need a higher quantity of cards, no problem. For every 250 extra business cards, you want, just add $25.00.



We offer the same package for 500 letterheads, from inception to printing. If you want more or less, we offer in quantities of 250, 750, and 1000.


Envelope Design

We offer custom envelope designing, starting at $219.99 for 250 envelopes, and going up to $299.99 for 500, and $369.99 for 1000.


Brochure Design

We also offer 8.5×11″ brochures custom-tailored to advertise your business. Double-sided brochures range from $179.99 for 100 to $299.99 for 1000.


Custom Logo Design

As stated before, custom design prices vary, but the average price for a new logo, complete with 100 free business cards, is $250.00. The more specific your needs, the more we work, and the price goes up from there. But at Landman Design, we don’t charge you like a lawyer does, so don’t expect your costs to be astronomical if we work on or redo your logo a bit longer than some. 


Custom Advertising Campaign

If you need just a billboard, a brochure, or a custom ad campaign tailored to your area and product market, we can do it. Cost, of course, varies, but we won’t send anything to the printer or put one of your ads somewhere without your approval first. Advertising is our bread and butter; it’s what we love to do. 


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